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Raghav is at a crucial juncture. Will it be a waste of another life, which few thought had great promise for the future ? OR Will an unexpected intervention help him again to set out on the path towards greatness. Read on the final episode of the Deflection Point.

Vinay had to think straight. The barrage of information was too overwhelming. It was a risk he had taken and he was not sure whether he was ready to face the results. This was no ordinary job. He got up from his seat in his office building and went to the washroom. As he splashed cold water on himself, he saw a familiar face as a reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“We have played many roles – A loving parent, a helpful teacher, a caring spouse and a friend. We do our bit when the path of a subject, as important as Raghav, has to be altered.” said the Boss

Vinay turned around and attempted to clarify “You said we could not interfere in the autonomy of the subject, so…”

“So you planted a dream in your subject – Raghav’s consciousness, you are learning too fast Agent 72.” Completed the Boss

He was feeling too drained, his clothes were soaked in sweat. The alarm on his phone was the reason why Raghav woke up startled. It was as if he was living his dream in reality. It took him some time to process but the words, ‘Create your own destiny’, kept reverberating in his mind constantly. 

It was an important day, Raghav had to reach administrative office for nomination. It was getting late, he took a quick shower, got ready and started towards college. Even while on the way his mind was still replaying the dream again and again. He reached the admin office of his college and was happy to see Vinay waiting for him. 

Vinay smiled at Raghav, “Finally on time today, how did this happen?”

Raghav ignored the jab, and said,” Who are you, tell me the truth?”

Vinay was taken aback, he wondered if his identity had been compromised. If yes, then he had no option but to initiate a ‘memory erase protocol’ A long silence prevailed and finally Raghav started laughing uncontrollably. 

He said “Bro, what are you made of? You saved me in my dream also last night.”

“Dream? What nonsense” reacted Vinay

“Yes, I saw myself dead due to an overdose of coke. I saw you walking away from my hostel building, so I started following you.” Explained Raghav

“But weren’t you dead in the dream.” 

Raghav continued “Yeah man, it was different. Then after sometime I saw myself climbing up the 42nd floor of a huge office building, I have never seen anything like it in the real world. There was a cabin where I saw you along with an older person wearing spectacles. He was constantly referring you as Agent.”


“Then the old person said –  Each decision that we take comes with it’s own experiences and consequences. Throughout our lives we just keep living these consequences, sometimes pleasant and sometimes not. But, when we become conscious of our decisions, we have the power to create our own destiny.” Relayed Raghav.

“Whoa! That’s heavy, what did you eat for dinner? quipped Vinay.

Raghav smiled and said, “I slept off reading a book you had given me once” He continued, “Whatever man; no matter what, I am with you. And together we shall create our destiny.” His eyes were expressive and the gratitude he felt for Vinay was visible.

Vinay on the other hand sent a message from the crystal “Is my identity intact, please check and initiate relevant protocols.”  

While Raghav filled in the nomination papers and completed other formalities, Vinay got a reply on the crystal. “All ok now, next time – get trained first.” It was the Boss…

– Darpan Jha

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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  1. Whoa!! This was like, awesome!! The angels, the godsends, the people in our lives.. all brought in our lives with a purpose.. to help us evolve. And to help us be the best version of ourselves??

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