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A soul searching quest to find answers to our inner dilemma. The Universe has all the answers – revealed only to those who are willing to go within. 

It is a beautiful romantic setting.
Clouds burst with emotions,
Trees swing with joy,
Earth soaks in love,
For some, it is dark and gloomy,
For some, it is a heavenly fragrance,
Glimpses, of our own reflections.

The torrent waves; in a rush to reach the shore,
Disturb the otherwise calm sea; making an unending roar.
It sounds meditative to me; causes me to reflect.
Are these really true; or is it just a temporal defect?
The waves on the periphery; are tempted to reach out,
But, alas as they recede; it was a mistake without doubt.
Deep inside the ocean; there is stillness and calm.
So, why am I tempted to look out for answers?
Every time I make this mistake and not just once.
Truth lies within the ripples of my own reflections.

Gazing at the sky sparkled with stars.
There is so much to learn and explore,
Here also I lose out, as I have a faulty core.
I have trapped myself in a matrix that has made me so averse,
I have made my problems, as my only universe.
I need to look beyond, there is no doubt.
Again, it’s the wrong enemy and battle is lost even before it is fought.
Trouble is not on the outside,
Outside is just an amplified vision.
My enemy is me; It’s time to see my own reflection.

Life gives me situations that I do not like,
Shall I cry out loud or play the victim of my own plight?
It is the man in the mirror who holds the key.
Fault finding is a chronic disease I can sense,
These are reminders of my own reflections.

– Darpan Jha

This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the writer, and not necessarily to any organization, committee or other group or individual.


  1. Very good and meaningful. Touches the very depth. Every solution lies within. God bless you

  2. very powerfully expressed, and expertly written.
    Loved your poem.

    Many congratulations and good wishes!

  3. Beautiful words…so wonderfully expressed.
    Waiting for more of your genius

  4. Very beautiful Darpan!

  5. Thank you so much Divya for taking out time to read. Every feedback will help me to think and write better 😇

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