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Have you ever felt a flurry of obstacles on your path? Have you ever felt life mocking at your survival? Have you felt unheard or misunderstood? Most importantly, have you questioned the reason for your existence? Read on to understand the author’s perspective on dealing with obstacles in life as opportunities to learn… 

Have you ever been in a life situation where your mind goes completely blank? One situation after the other comes your way and one by one your confidence, the way you look at yourself and all your self-belief gets dented severely!  There comes a point when everything becomes so numb from within that you stop feeling things. Pain or happiness, there are no actual feelings attached. You just go through the motions, as if walking in a deep dark cave. It’s an unending abyss and you resign to this fact hopeless, hapless and spiritless. That’s what I call the lowest point of life.

This walk in the dark cave, as deserting as it may sound, it does have a ring of intrigue to it. Suddenly, something flickers from within and you get jolted out from your slumber. That flicker is nothing but a question – Why am I here?

This one question makes your search for the light in the dark, it activates your ‘Inner warrior of light’ and makes you question whether you want to continue living the same way? It makes you restless in search of the answer. You interact with people, you read books, you gather knowledge and whatnot, but the thirst still remains.

You try and try and try, but THE answer still lurks somewhere, out of your sight.

You start focusing again on your inner growth. You start loving your own company. You talk with yourself, contemplate, honestly review your life from every perspective. During these moments, the memories of the past start flashing in front of you. 

To move forward, living through those moments once again is essential. But, you discover, it’s not the older you. When you put yourself in the justice-box, you visit these memories as an observer. There is no accusation, blame or any hatred. You counsel with yourself how you could have done better. Lessons are learnt from the past. 

Finally, a wry smile comes on your face. And you say to yourself “What a fool I was!”

You then start becoming conscious of your surroundings. You start noticing people and situations around you. Some of them care for you, some are worried after seeing this change in you, some have sympathy for you and some take time in accepting the change in you. But, no one, no other living organism on this planet can comprehend the transition happening within you. They just witness the change in the outermost facade that you had put on earlier.

You start to integrate your learnings, you make promises to yourself to change, and you take firm decisions for yourself. That lost self-respect comes back and you get an assurance that you are on the right track. The lost love with self grows back again. With the change inside, things outside start to change too. You somehow feel that this change is for good and is here to stay.

The dark-age ends and the warrior of light emerges. You live from one situation to another with more balance and joy. During this process of transformation, when you look back at those moments or share your story, your answer reveals itself with so much ease. Yes, it had always been there but your patterns did not let you see it. 

Why am I here?

Because I had to learn..

– Darpan Jha

This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the writer, and not necessarily to any organization, committee or other group or individual.


  1. Yes!! The dots will always connect, but only backwards!! Wise is the man who understands this and looks at life as a dream..

  2. Great job Darpan. Touched my heart and….

  3. Fabulous. So true and so refreshing.

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