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Gauri is a kid who felt that everyone loved her for their own reasons. Read this beautiful children’s tale on how she learns about gratitude and its value from a beautiful Pink Rose. Though meant for kids, the moral of this story applies to people from all walks of life. 

In the serene and beautiful village of Sundernagar, lived a little girl named Gauri. The apple of her parents’ eyes, her family of three lived together in the village, surrounded by helpful friends and caring elders. Gauri was sweet, chirpy and a little naughty, the dream of every parent. She had lots of toys and lots of friends to play with.

Her father, who she lovingly called Baba, was a farmer. He would leave early in the morning to work on the field. Her kind and lovable mother or Maai, took care of everyone in the house with a selfless smile. But the thing that Gauri loved the most was the small garden of her home, which had beautiful flowers. Along with her Maai, she loved tending to the garden every morning. In the spring, Gauri would enjoy the cool soft breeze while gazing at it. Watching a seed germinate into a tender sapling or a flower bloom would fill her heart with glee. Sometimes, when Baba allowed, she would also show it to her friends with joy.

But as she was growing up, Gauri’s opinion about everyone around her started to change. She began thinking that her friends admired the unique toys more as they did not have any of their own. She began thinking that her neighbours would use excuses to enter her home to help, but instead they wanted to look at the beautiful garden, as they did not have their own. She began thinking her parents have no choice but to take care of her, as they didn’t have any other child. Gauri started becoming selfish, and started looking at faults in everyone she met.

She used to cross a wooden bridge over the river every day on her way to school. On one such day, she saw a magnificent Pink Rose on the other side of the stream. She ran to the other side in a jiffy and marveled at its beauty. It looked as if an angel herself had planted this flower on earth. The dewdrops on the Rose shone like diamonds in the morning sun. She was awestruck by its presence; this was the biggest rose Gauri had ever seen. She saw people passing by her, but no one was even slightly interested to take out time and admire it. Her instincts told her to dig out the flower from the ground and plant it in her own garden. ‘It will be the crown jewel of my existing collection’ Gauri thought to herself.

As her hand went to pluck the Pink Rose, her mother’s words echoed in her head, ‘Never pluck a flower; it should be allowed to live its complete cycle.’ ‘Never take anything that does not belong to you’ echoed her father’s voice.
But Gauri resisted, “This Pink Rose is mine” she commanded herself. She decided that she would pluck the rose on the way back home from school. By that time, even her mother would be busy with the chores. With that thought, she hopped to her school joyously.

Gauri was in her thoughts, when she heard a soft voice from behind. “Hi Gauri, my name is Priya. Today is my first day in this class”. Gauri looked at her and replied coldly “Hi!” Priya still continued, “I hear that you are the most loved student here, will you be my friend? I shall share my toys, my lunch, and we can study and play together! It would be fun!” Priya was very polite, But Gauri had her own doubts. She replied in an unfriendly tone, “Thank you, but I am a bit uncomfortable in sharing my things with people whom I don’t know.”
“ I understand, sometimes, it takes time to gain trust.” Said Priya.

Priya in her own affectionate way, introduced herself to everyone in the class. From the corner of her eye, Gauri saw her making friends with everyone. By the time lunch-break started, Priya was sharing and playing together with the whole class. During the recess, Gauri sat alone, surprised to see that none of her friends was sitting beside her. They were all playing by the swings and laughing together with Priya. Gauri felt jealous and sad, but still she didn’t talk with her.

She only had one thought of solace throughout the bad day of school- The Pink Rose.

Finally, the School bell rang and Gauri dashed off towards the river stream. But she was shocked when she reached there. Alas! The Pink Rose was missing. Gauri’s heart sank; she looked all around but couldn’t find it. Tears rolled down her eyes, and the dream of having the rose in her garden lay shattered. She repented for not taking it with her in the morning. Her walk back home felt heavy. When she finally reached, Gauri did not eat anything, she threw her bag aside and started crying loudly. “I have no friends, no one to play with me, even Maai is not here to love me. And I miss my Pink Rose.”  

Suddenly, she saw Priya running towards her. She held the beautiful rose in her hand. Gauri felt both sad and angry. She shouted, “You took my friends and now you have taken my Pink Rose”. But Priya remained calm and replied “Gauri, this rose has a message for you, do you want to listen?” Gauri was confused and tried to grab it from her hand, but the rose jumped and started growing in front of them.

It grew bigger and bigger, till it almost reached Priya’s height. Gauri was surprised and got a bit afraid. The rose started walking, and while moving its hands, it smiled at her gracefully. With a kind smile, the Pink Rose said “You were able to see me when others couldn’t because you have goodness within. But you choose to hide your goodness in your doubts.” Saying this, the rose shrank down and fit itself in Priya’s hand again.

Gauri was even more confused; she was wondering what wrong had she done? Priya wrapped her arm around Gauri, and said “You are trying to find fault in others, but you haven’t been grateful for your wonderful life. Your goodness is your real Pink Rose.” Gauri started to sob, feeling sorry for her behaviour. Priya hugged her and said, “A flower means beautiful feelings and pink is the colour of softness. Only those who have gentle and beautiful feelings within them are blessed with the Pink Rose.” 

Gauri said, “I promise, I will change. I will value the people around me. I will be grateful towards everyone.” Priya smiled and replied, “I know. Now wake up, you have a flower to plant.”

Gauri woke up immediately with tears in her eyes. She hadn’t realised that she slept straight after coming back from school. She jumped out of the bed and ran towards her school bag. And there it was- the Pink Rose. She picked it up, gave it a tender hug and then carefully planted it in her garden. As it swayed with the wind, she was reminded of her promise, to be grateful to everyone.

Gauri hugged her Maai when she was back home and narrated what had happened. She thanked everyone for being a part of her life. Gauri was finally happy from within.

Next day at school, her eyes were searching for Priya, but nobody seemed to know anyone by that name! The day was about to start, Gauri started walking back to the class, unable to find Priya. While walking through the corridor, she passed by a mirror. In the mirror she saw her reflection.
She also noticed that something was hovering around her. It looked like a cute, cherubic, little angel flapping her wings.
In excitement, Gauri looked upwards in the sky, she couldn’t see anything. It was visible only in the mirror reflection. That cute little angel was no one but Priya! Gauri had tears of joy when she saw Priya whisper in her ear, “Don’t search for me outside, I am within you and shall remain with you, always…”

Darpan Jha

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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