Collaboration Terms

1) You can send us your submissions by email to
2) Complete right and ownership of your submissions shall remain with you always.
3) Any work submitted to us will only be used for the purpose of review. This will enable us to decide whether we can share it on our website (
4) All your submissions will be duly acknowledged and we shall inform you of the time we shall take to connect back if required.
5) Please note that the decision to accept or reject your proposal is with us ( We will not necessarily provide a reason should we decide not to accept your submission
6) Please ensure that you retain a copy of your work/submission as we are not responsible for any loss or damage to submitted work.
7) Submissions will not be returned irrespective of whether they have been accepted or turned down. If they have been turned down, then we will dispose of them and will not enter into any further communication whatsoever about them.
8) If we accept your submission, you will be formally notified by our team.
9) Please note that ( cannot assume any liability whatsoever for your proposal.

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